About Kunming

Kunming is one of the top ten tourist hotspots in China. By 2012, the city has more than 200 cultural relics under the protection of governments at all levels, including Shilin World Geopark, Dianchi Lake, Anning Hot Spring, Jiuxiang, Yangzonghai, Jiaozi Snow Mountain and other national and provincial famous scenic spots, as well as more than 100 key scenic spots such as World Horticulture Exposition Park and Yunnan Ethnic Villages. There are more than 10 national tourist routes, forming a tourism system with Kunming as the center, radiating to the whole province, connecting Southeast Asia and integrating tourism, sightseeing, vacation and entertainment. Kunming belongs to the north subtropical low latitude plateau mountain monsoon climate, mountain landform, surrounded by mountains on three sides, the south of the Dianchi Lake, along the lake scenery is beautiful, because of the low latitude plateau, the formation of the "spring all the year round" climate, enjoy the "spring city" reputation.

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